About Me

Cropped campaign photoI am a renaissance man who has interest and skills in many diverse areas. I find that learnings   in one area can be transferred to other areas. We become the sum of all our experiences and then we apply this life knowledge to each new situation.

The success that I have had in the planning field comes from my experiences in art, politics, health, personal growth, agriculture, horses, fly fishing, and marketing. I have learned different skills from each of these interests.

I am spending my winter on Vancouver Island fishing and escaping the cold and snow of Alberta winters. One of the benefits of a Juice Plus virtual franchise. You get to live and work where you want.


  • Norman Kent Consulting

    I work with the land owner to come up with a plan that will meet their needs while at the same time creating something that will be supported by the decision making body. There is no point in trying to do something that will not get the necessary approvals.

  • Juice Plus+

    I am driven to improve the lives of people and that is why I market Juice Plus and Tower Gardens. These products help people to live healthier lives and for those who join me in  the sharing process, to have a more prosperous, richer lifestyle.

  • Tower Garden

    Grow your own food at home, even in your basement. You do not need to worry about food biosecurity when you know everything that went into your food Eat fresh organic salads that you have grown yourself. Kids love to eat that which they grew.

  • Transform 30

    A revolutionary way to improve your health and start to lose weight that you will begin to see in just 30 days. Eat better and look better while you increase your energy. Not a weight loss plan but a lifestyle change that delivers results starting in 30 days.