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Why you should choose

Space age technology for you to grow your own food

Developed as a collaboration between NASA and the Epcot Centre, the Tower Garden has proven itself in space, in greenhouses and homes around North America. It allows anyone to grow their own food crops and be in control of the seed and what has been sprayed or not sprayed on the produce. Almost any crop that can be grown above ground can be grown in the Tower Garden so that you can have fresh food that you have personally grown and overseen to insure its biosecurity.

Grow your own salads that surpass those that you could get from the finest restaurants and have them fresher and more nutrient dense than from any store.

Have your children plant the seeds and help in the growing and they will be anxious to eat what they have been helping to produce. They will love eating those vegetables that up to now, they have turned up their noses.

See what we have growing in the Tower Garden


  • You can grow in an East, South or West Window
  • You can grow in the basement  with lights mounted on reflective panels
  • You get the same taste and quality as if you grew outside in your garden but all year round
  1. Use 10% of the water and 5% of the nutrients
  2. Get 1 1/2 production over growing outdoors in soil
  3. Grow in half the time as growing outdoors in soil


  • Grow on your deck or balcony
  • Get 1 1/2 times the production in half the time
  • Use 10% of the water and 5% of the nutrients
  1. Easily grow 20 or 28 plants in the same amount of space that your would grow 4 or 5 plants
  2. Grow herbs and eatable flowers right beside the kitchen to garnish incredible  salads
  3. Be producing food before anyone else and after everyone else to extend the growing season